About Us

About InKraftKreations Silk Sarees & Shawls. Please read how we managed to grow our business .

With a focus on Indian ethnicity, a platform offering a diverse range of traditional items like Silk Sarees was launched in 2016 by Meenu a home maker

A housewife and a mother of two who lived in Delhi, India, had a passion for collecting unique and traditional items from different parts of the country.

She loved exploring local markets and meet local artisans who crafted beautiful items that were not available in the mainstream market.

After all she was mom, raising kids, making meals, & taking care of house was the only business for her.

But when her children were grown, she finally turn her energy  to show her collectives to public. But she took her sweet time turning her passion into a business.

In year 2016 with the support & encouragement of her soulmate (her husband) Ramesh she decided to start an online store where she could showcase the different items she had collected over the years.

She wanted to share her love for traditional Indian crafts and Indian handlooms to support local artisans who were struggling to make ends meet.

 She spent countless hours curating a collection of items that represented different parts of India.

She had Silk Sarees from Banaras, Gujrat, & Kanchipuram , intricately woven shawls from Jammu & Kashmir, beautiful handcrafted jewellery from the Rajasthan, and much more.

She took pictures of each item and added detailed descriptions, highlighting the unique features and characteristics of each piece.

She also included the story behind each item, sharing the history and cultural significance of each piece.

 She started exhibiting her items to public offline as well as online, slowly her items starts getting popular among people who appreciated the beauty and uniqueness of traditional Indian crafts.

Her customers loved the fact that they could buy items that were not available in mainstream markets and support local artisans who were keeping the traditional crafts alive.

As her business grew,  she started exploring new regions of the country and collecting new items.

She even started collaborating with local artisans to create unique items that were exclusive to her online store.

Today her online store is one of the most desirable destinations for anyone looking to buy traditional Indian crafts.

 Her story illuminates to the fact that with hard work, dedication and a passion anything is possible.

She has not only created a successful business but also helped to preserve the traditional crafts of India and support local artisans who are keeping the traditions alive.